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People ask what we do...

We engage in various activities to support our producers and drive penetration in all segments of the food service sector across our region of responsibility. This includes visiting distributors to strengthen relationships, conducting producer presentations, arranging lunch meetings, collecting and delivering samples, and conducting training sessions for distributor sales teams. Our aim is to help them sell more items, increase their sales, and provide exceptional service to their customers.

One of the enjoyable aspects of our work is engaging with operators, whether it's visiting their kitchens or participating in distributor food shows. We collaborate with our partners to deliver the most impressive presentation of their product line.

Understanding the capabilities and diversity of our product line is crucial. It enables us to cross-merchandise effectively and help our operator customers comprehend the combined benefits of the product lines we represent. This approach not only increases sales but also enhances the reputation of our distributor customers.

If you're looking to develop your foodservice sales in our markets, feel free to ask us how we can assist you.

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