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Plant Based with Planet Based Foods

Announcing Our New Representation Agreement Between Planet Based Foods + Beach City Sales: HEMP based meat alternative that is Honorable, Ethical, Moral and Protein.

Date: November 1st, 2021 – Los Angeles, California - Beach City Sales Food Brokers are excited and proud to announce their new representation agreement with Planet Based Foods. Beach City Sales has been chosen to develop Planet Based Foods Foodservice distribution in California & Nevada. Beach City Sales is helping Planet Based Foods with their mission to validate hemp as a great-tasting, nutritious, sustainable food source that it is.

Unlike some of the other guys out there, Planet Based Foods is not trying to mimic meat. We’re more interested in evolving rather than recreating something from the past, which is why we proudly embrace hemp as the plant-based superfood that it is. You should know: Also, we’re here for everyone – not just the strict vegetarians and vegans. In fact, we’re thrilled to know that meat-eaters enjoy our food not because it’s a different version of something they already love, but because it’s hemp and it’s delicious and super satisfying. All on its own.

Interested in how partnering with Beach City Sales would help launch, scale, or boost your business? Whether you are an emerging or established brand, let us get your products on more menus + shelves in California and beyond. Contact us to schedule an exploratory discussion - we would love to hear from you!

“Let’s talk”, send an e mail to

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