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Why the name Beach City Sales?

We live at the beach and we sell, hence Beach City Sales.

Meet Beach City Sales, your go-to team for exceptional service!

Lenny Nash brings a wealth of experience in foodservice distribution and sales, reflecting his old-school New Yorker roots.

Ian Plumbley, a straight-talking Brit, brings extensive experience in food sales and business development, ensuring top-notch service for our clients.

We are a straight-talking dedicated independent food broker, prioritizing our operators. Our team is experienced, responsive, and committed to boosting sales and nurturing relationships with our partners. We recognize the importance of driving demand throughout the distribution chain to benefit our partners.

Our Operator Market Channels Include:

Fine Dining

Fast Casual

Multi Unit Chains

Country Clubs

Cruise Lines








College and Universities

Venues and Arena's

Business and Industry



Co-packers and Converters

CPG Grocery Clearance

Creating an outstanding dining experience starts with giving chefs excellent ingredients and products to craft exceptional menu items tailored to their customers' needs. We pride ourselves on being authentic partners to our producers, ensuring their products reach the right chefs for all the right reasons.

Our Services Include:
Operator Calls

Headquarter Calls

Distributor Management

Local Foodshow Coverage

Product Training


Order Management

Payment Management

CPG Product Clearance

Some of our Customers and Distribution Partners


‘Since our market launch with Beach City Sales, they have gained new business with distributors in Southern California servicing both local operators and chain restaurants.’  


Jason Schwartz, Junior’s Cheesecake

'Working with Ian Plumbley and Lenny Nash of Beach City Sales has become a partnership I have grown both fond and dependent upon to supply our company with quality brands. These gentlemen are two of the most knowledgeable, helpful, genuine and attentive broker partners I have encountered in my tenure in the Foodservice industry.  

What I love about using them as the catalyst to the brands I need, is their unbelievable response time. Not only do they return calls, texts, and emails unhesitatingly, they circle back with a resolution equally as prompt. With many liaison companies, these qualities tend to be considered a common practice and I would agree that they normally are. That said, I do find a distinction that sets Beach City Sales and its proprietors apart from the rest, and that lies in their commitment to their customers when things may not be happening smoothly, or major setbacks occur beyond anyone’s control. Trying situations require action and they require wisdom, two attributes that I know I can rely upon from either Ian or Lenny. 

The support for the brand is incomparable. They literally will do whatever is necessary to align their brands with our company business. They offer their full commitment with a mission and pledge to be advantageous to everyone… Vendor, Distributor, Representative and Chef. It truly is a pleasure to work with Beach City Sales and I would highly recommend contacting them to either represent your brand or help incorporate brands they currently account for into your portfolio of offerings.'

Mary Parker, Sunrise Produce

'Ian and Lenny are one of my best brokers. They do an outstanding job following up on leads, creating new leads and work to increase my product line within all their distributors. Beach City Sales go above and beyond to ensure our products are professionally represented. I highly recommend Beach City Sales.'


Lisa Walker, Silver Hills Bakery 

'As a growing Italian Tomato Importer in the USA, Mutti USA required additional sales support that could hit the ground running to help build sales that until now had been

out of our reach. Beach City Sales is now filling this gap for us while bringing a wealth of knowledge and market experience.  They are quick to respond and easy to work with. 

I highly recommend BCS to any Manufacturer looking to grow market presence and Sales in the West Region.'

Todd Adler, Mutti USA

'I have worked with Beach City Sales for many years, and they have always been very proactive and responsive to the needs of our business.'


Sonny Santos, Clemson Distribution 

'One of the hallmarks of Beach City Sales is their exceptional ability to cultivate and maintain strong relationships with operators. Their dedication to understanding the unique needs and challenges of each operator they work with sets them apart as trusted advisors in the industry. By fostering open communication, providing personalized support, and delivering results that exceed expectations, Beach City Sales consistently earns the trust and loyalty of their clients.


Furthermore, Beach City Sales operates with the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and transparency. Throughout my interactions with their team, I have always been impressed by their honesty, reliability, and dedication to ethical business practices. Their commitment to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships is evident in every aspect of their work, and it is truly a pleasure to collaborate with a company of such high integrity.


In conclusion, I would recommend Beach City Sales as a food service broker to anyone looking to increase their Southwest sales.'

Jeffrey Levi, Felicetti Pasta US

'Beach City Sales are great at presenting new items to customers and growing product lines. They have good follow through and enjoy working with end users.'

Richard Ziff, Worldwide Produce

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Quotes we live by:

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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