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Agave for the win!

This is a personal one for Ian, the chance to work with a product line that reduces the dependence on single-use disposable plastic, which by any measure is bad for the world and the animals that live in it. Is great and we are very excited to be part of the solution.

Introducing our newest partner, greenprint, ( their compostable, biodegradable, and up-cycled Agave based straws, cutlery, plates, clamshells, and cups, are better for the environment, competitively priced and available nationally, across CA, NV and AZ with Beach City Sales.

Greenprint was founded to create a sustainable ecosystem in the disposables industry. They know that the long-term approach towards packaging is made out of renewable plant-based solutions. Today we offer the sustainable alternatives to plastic our planet needs. Greenprint, is focused on building a sustainable ecosystem in the disposables industry. They create high-quality products that stem from agro-industrial waste. By sourcing all their raw materials in the Americas, they’re able to drastically reduce their carbon outputs and manufacturing lead times.

Having created great agave products, such as tequila and agave for consumption in food products, what is left is a fibrous material that is up-cycled to create all these great items for us that are better for the environment. 

Please contact Lenny Nash or Ian Plumbley for samples or more information, improving the plant one disposable at a time Greenprint

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