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Creator to Consumer – A products journey through life.

Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot & Introduction -

To start this series, we must set the scene, explain the characters and gain some base understanding… to some this will be boring and a yawn fest to others it will help with the question – Why does this guy write this stuff?

Whichever you are, hopefully you enjoy it and identify where your knowledge gaps are and maybe appreciate the odd reminder of things lost in the memory box.

Who am I?

I am not a writer, motivational speaker, change guru, eloquent deliverer, I say it as it is, I will tell you what I know and that may be wrong in some eyes, and that is OK, challenge if you feel I am wrong but remember one thing, I don’t tolerate bullies or challenge for challenge sake, make your challenge worthy and worthwhile to all the other readers.

Having spent most of my career, post leaving the Royal Navy, working in consumer goods, primarily in the perishable food sector. I find it fascinating that I still learn every day, sometimes it’s a reminder of what I have forgot but for the most part, I learn something new every day… remember it’s a peoples business first and foremost and that is what drives the continual learning, everyone brings another aspect, idea, approach to the party and that readers, is why I love doing what I do!

A high profile industry connection (not keen on saying everyone I know in the industry is my friend, that is for them to state not me) of mine once said, when being introduced to a new hire of mine, “good luck keeping up” now to most of you that might seem odd, but it is so true. There is so much to learn that you never stop learning, the longer I am in this business, with all the changes, technologically, people, generationally, and most importantly product wise, every day there is something new to learn, with a base of 30 years to build on, it makes it somewhat easier. The following snapshots in this series will condense the years hopefully into useful sound bites based off questions I have been asked.

Having worked with many people over the years from pre-startups to multimillion-dollar businesses, internationally and domestically, starting in the UK and now the US. Working with companies dreaming of launching in the US has become something I have been able to build a business from, whether you are a start-up looking to produce and sell your favorite homemade bread recipe or you are a corporation that wants to bring its existing brands to a new market or launch a new brand in an existing market, either way, the learnings and principles are the same, in fact the bigger the business sometimes the more difficult the process can seem.

Where do we go from here, what do you do with your idea’s, passion, product and brand?

Before we go there let me just clarify something, I have successfully launched and delivered sales for many brands, I know a good brand / product / idea when I see one and more importantly I know how to go to market and generate sales, however, I am not your branding specialist when it comes to design and style of packaging, I am not that guy, however, you will be pleased to know I have a lot of contacts and associates who are great in that space and together we advise and guide our clients through the process.

Stands back and awaits the onslaught of LinkedIn connections who will be pitching to be part of our crew.

Back to the question:

Where do we go from here?

More importantly:

What do you need to know to get from idea / passion to successful brand selling in all chosen sectors?

Over the coming weeks (like a Netflix series you can read each episode as it is posted or visit our website to binge read or skip over the episodes as you want) our series with take you on a journey through what you need to know, industry knowledge, terminology, opportunities and how to land them, the how, the where, the when and the why’s of successfully marketing and selling your idea / passion to reach your target consumers.

What are we going to cover over the coming episodes?

Everything from market evaluation, through to trade / customer marketing, margins, why it’s so important to get them right in the beginning, customer presentations, follow up - the basics, costs of market entry, broker or no brokers, niche or mass market, retail versus foodservice, what’s different and where are the pinch points.

Now it’s all clear as mud, need more, please ask.

In our next episode, we will be talking about Terminology, thanks for reading and starting your journey from Creator to Consumer.

Interested in reading or finding out more about selling your passion or our Creator to Consumer series please visit our Chatter page at and click on Creator to Consumer or our general site at, for more direct interaction please e mail us at

Remember, whatever you know “good luck keeping up”

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