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Creator to Consumer – Market Channels, what are they?

Creator to Consumer – Market Channels, what are they?

Season 2 – Episode 4 –

30 years and still learning - Having spent most of my career post leaving the Royal Navy working in consumer goods, primarily in the perishable food sector. I find it fascinating that I still learn every day, sometimes it’s a reminder of what I have forgot but for the most part, I learn something new every day… Today’s episode is Market Channels, what are they?

This subject will be expanded upon in future series relating to Market Channels, this is a snapshot of what is out there.

What are the key market channels?

There are many market channels for consumer products, many of which are listed below, as primary channel with sub channels next to them, this list is as extensive as it needs to be, if you are going any more niche, then you might find the sales and future brand awareness will be restricted or you have a niche product.

Key Sub Channels

Retail Outlets Grocery – National / Regional / Multi Unit Specialty Discounter Warehouse / Club Store / Big Box Local Deli’s Online

Foodservice Operators Chains – National / Regional Multi-Unit Operators Colleges & Schools Catering & Events Air Lines & Cruise Lines Commissaries Military Correctional Facilities Sports Arena’s Airports Food Trucks

C-Stores Garage Forecourts Airports General Convenience Stores Gym’s Vending Machine Suppliers

Industrial & Convertors Co-Packers Cut & Wrap Facilities Convertors focused on resizing your product to a new finished format.

Alternative Markets that handle short coded and excess product Suppliers to correctional facilities Food Banks Charities Direct to Consumers – Online and Offline Delivery Operators

We will be expanding on the 2 key ones, Retail and Foodservice in future episodes.

Can my product sell in all these channels?

Yes, if your product is suited to multiple packaging formats, bulk, consumer size, as an ingredient or as part of menu.

Which sector should I target?

That all depends on what you are developing, let’s take cookies and cookie dough, this can be sold to the retail and foodservice sector, however, you will need to have different pack sizes to accommodate the need of each use and user. This should be and will need to be evaluated and confirmed in your Market Evaluation.

Can I focus on just Retail or Foodservice?

Yes, and, the more focused you are the more successful you will be, as the above list identifies there are many options available, the Retail and Foodservice list are the majority of the volume in the US, however, it really depends on your product and the findings from your Market Evaluation, you might find you end up in C-Stores, or have a product better suited to Schools and Colleges, don’t restrict your thinking, just focus your efforts and investments.

Now it’s all clear as mud, need more, please ask.

In our next episode, we will be talking about Market Channels - Retail, thanks for reading and continuing your journey from Creator to Consumer.

Interested in reading or finding out more about selling your passion or our Creator to Consumer series please visit our Chatter page at and click on Creator to Consumer 1 & 2 or our general site at, for more direct interaction please e mail us at

Remember, whatever you know “good luck keeping up”

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