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Mutti, if you want the real thing!

It's been a while readers, apologies, but we have been busy lately, we are excited to say. This week’s product feature from Beach City Sales and #thebrit_foodpeddler #britbroker covering California, Nevada and Arizona. Mutti Premium Imported Italian tomatoes, I get asked, "What other ingredients are in the can?", "that’s easy," I say, "just tomatoes, nothing else, no salt, herbs, (unless you are buying the excellent pre-made sauces) or preservatives". Clean fresh tomatoes that are less than 4 hours from picking fresh, to cleaning and packing, fresh to your pan when you open the can. Great color and taste… Visual acceptance comes before taste with all food (first impressions and all that), our Mutti tomatoes are bright red and vibrant in color, adding that extra bling to your dish. Then comes the taste, you don’t have to mask the added ingredients because there aren’t any, and you can season your dish the way you want it, freshly canned tomatoes with no salt or additives delivering the freedom to create a consistent tasting meal every time. Mutti Todd Adler Kimberly West

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