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November's Product Line Feature

This month's product feature from Beach City Sales and #thebrit_foodpeddler#britbroker

Rizo Lopez Foods Inc. - Tio Francisco and Rizo Bros Cheeses. Artisanal Mexican Cheese and Dairy Products traditionally made cheese and dairy products with their roots from #Mexico and #centralamerica.

Clean fresh cheese and dairy items, made from California Milk from farmers around Modesto, no long out-of-state journeys for our milk, fresh from the farm to the plant every day.

If you want clean fresh traditionally made Mexican-style #cheese, or #cremaRizo Lopez Foods Inc. - Tio Francisco and Rizo Bros Cheeses has you covered.

Fun fact… Mexican cheese is traditionally made with Raw Milk and if you know anything about cheese you will know that in the US cheese that is made with raw milk cannot be sold under 60 days from production. This maturation time is to ensure any bad bacteria, that would normally be killed by pasteurization are killed before consumption. Given most Mexican cheese is fresh, the #1 selling Mexican cheese is Queso Fresco (Fresh Cheese) cannot be exported to the US, because it would not meet this criteria, therefore all US production is a “style” cheese.

Please contact us at for more information, and samples, want to arrange a cutting, or if you have any questions.

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