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Our Journey So Far

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Being busy starting and growing our business, we forget, that not everyone knows us or what we do. Here is an update on our journey, status, and plans.

Beach City Sales Fun Fact... It’s 2018, Ian needs a new business, his attorney checks out LLC names, Beach City Sales is available, Ian lives at the Beach and sells. So, Beach City Sales it is. 2 years later, Lenny joins Ian, he lives at a beach, and it still works.

Who are we... We are a small independent #foodservice broker, based in Southern California. our primary market is SoCal and Vegas, our secondary is NorCal, AZ, NV, and HI.

Dec 2020 Ian & Lenny started working together. Some said, “That was a bad time to start as a Foodservice Broker” and they were right, but better to start than not. It has been an interesting, fun 3 yrs, Lenny says “we have had only 3 arguments in 3 yrs, less than most marriages”.

Our mission… To partner with quality brands and producers that complement our portfolio, customer base, and values. Delivering sustainable sales growth for our partners through new business development and existing business management.

Selecting Lines/partners… We agreed to work with people we liked and feel comfortable with. Driven by this we have become more effective at selecting lines/partners. As Lenny says, “We perform far better when our partners respond to our customer’s requests promptly, even if the answer is no”.

Partner Development… Having worked with partners that haven’t worked out and many that have, we have learned that better selection, training, and support create successful and sustainable partnerships. We know “no” is the best answer to some opportunities.

Where are we now… Having spent time wondering if we would ever secure a great partner, we have reached a place where we have great brands, partners, and opportunities. We have built relationships with Operators, Chefs, buyers, and Distributors alike, we have customers we can walk into and chew the cud, without being looked at like we stepped in the cud on the way in.

Where are we going… As we start year 4 our future looks great. Our 10-year plan is in place with growth coming from existing lines, continued contact development, and partner acquisition.

Our immediate goal is to continue to deliver for our existing partners, stay open to all opportunities, stay smart in our selection, and continue to build our relationships to add value to all our partners, current and future.

If you need an effective, experienced, no-BS, Foodservice broker or want information about any of our lines please contact us at

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