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Original Italian Cheese Crisps - Gelson's Distribution

June 26th 2022

Cheese Crisps Launch and Promotion - Get them while you can!

We are honored to have partnered with Granarolo to launch their Cheese Crisps line in Gelson's, Featuring 3 flavors of their high-quality specialty Italian Cheese Crisps. They are in all stores across Southern California, in July 2022, there is a $5 for 2 deal that you cannot miss, stop by your local Gelson's and try the best cheese crisps around.


Let's talk

If you are interested in joining the Granarolo success story, by purchasing the highest quality Cheese Crisps on the market, or how partnering with Beach City Sales will help launch, scale, and boost your sales?

Whether you are a single retailer, a multi-unit chain, a regional, or national distributor, an emerging or an established brand, let us get your products and the products you want on more shelves in California, and beyond.

Contact us to schedule an exploratory discussion - we would love to hear from you!

“Let’s talk”, send an email to

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