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Pizza Pizza Pizza... anyone like Pizza?

The 3rd expo event in 6 weeks, first the Fancy Food Show, Las Vegas, then Expo West, Anaheim, and now this was the Pizza Expo, Las Vegas, all shows are finally back to pre-pandemic levels, in terms of attendance, interaction and vendor booths... this week was a great example of this, pre-pandemic levels with a great buzz.

Seeing and catching up with many old faces and friends from over the years, some are still with the same company, some have new jobs, but all have a pep in their step as we start to fully open up and fully engage again.

Opportunities for those whose businesses survived and those who prospered during the pandemic. Has this changed our a daily basis, yes, are in person meetings still harder to come by, yes, is there optimism that things are getting back on track, absolutely... new energy, new products, new jobs, new opportunities.

If the rest of this year is anything like the 1st quarter of 2022, then this is going to be a great year filled with hard work, which will result in greater success.

We, at Beach City Sales, are excited to continue to support our existing vendor partners and engage fully with those who we have met and are talking with because of these expo's.

Our growing team, increases our ability to support our partners in a way we would expect if we were the vendor. Gaining further penetration and distribution by cross selling our lines to our operators and distributors partners.

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