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Serving up sales with Mox Foods soft serve ice cream and shake mix.

Announcing Our New Representation Agreement Between Mox Foods + Beach City Sales:

Date: January 8th, 2022 – Los Angeles, California - Beach City Sales are excited and proud to announce their new representation agreement with Mox Foods. Beach City Sales is honored to have been chosen to develop Mox Foods Foodservice distribution in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Beach City Sales is helping Mox Foods with their mission to deliver the highest quality European Style Soft Serve Ice Cream & Milkshake Mix, an alternative solution to the traditional supply base.

Premium Quality Products Inspired by Chefs for the Foodservice Industry

European style soft serve ice cream and milkshake mix. Made with only 5 clean and natural ingredients including grass fed dairy. Our mix was created to the best tasting and most consistent product on the market. 2 key flavors, Real Vanilla and Real Chocolate.

Also supporting our specialty condiments, an update on classic burger shop sauces. Perfect for dipping, spreading ad dressing. Flavors include Herbie Ranch, Real Maple Mustard, Smoked Ketchup and Burger Aioli.

Along with our soft potato bun. A soft squishy potato bun that stays intact until the last bite. Just the right size. This conveniently vegan bun is perfect for both meat and plant-based burgers and sandwiches.

Interested in how partnering with Beach City Sales will help launch, scale, or boost your sales and distribution? Whether you are an emerging or established brand, let us get your products on more menus + shelves in California and beyond. Contact us to schedule an exploratory discussion - we would love to hear from you!

“Let’s talk”, send an e mail to

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