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Soft Serve with a Hard Push

Time Stamp - 2022

We were excited to be selected to represent Mox Foods in Southern California and Las Vegas with their 3 flavors with only 5 ingredients in each of their European Soft Serve and Milkshake Mix, Real Vanilla, Real Chocolate, and Real Strawberry.

Our initial engagement identified some supply chain and logistics issues that needed to be corrected to service their customers in a professional and stress-free manner. We corrected the issues by connecting Mox Foods with one of our other customers Clemson Distribution to act as their warehousing and distribution partner, and a new customer for their products, this resolved the issues for Mox Foods and its customers, while adding more opportunities.

Using our industry contacts and connections to create effective synergy's to help both companies.

Opened up a new distributor, Southwest Traders, including attending their food show. Sharing contacts and information from across the industry nationwide, all this activity and a great working relationship built in a very short time of only 3 months. Mox Foods asked us to become their National Broker and manage their sales throughout the country.

We are honored to be recognized and supported by a great team at Mox Foods, this is just the beginning for this company and their best in class soft serve and milkshake mix.

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