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The Italian Theme Continues

Announcing Our New Representation Agreement Between Ambrosi USA + Beach City Sales: Importing and distributing quality iconic Italian cheeses in the United States. Sole purveyors of the iconic 'WHITE GOLD' Parmigiano Reggiano.

Date: September 1st, 2021 – Los Angeles, California - Beach City Sales Food Brokers are excited and proud to announce their new representation agreement with Ambrosi USA. Beach City Sales has been chosen to develop Ambrosi's Foodservice distribution in Southern California & Las Vegas and select customers in Arizona. Beach City Sales is helping Ambrosi's with their mission to bring traditional and iconic Italian cheeses to the West Coast Foodservice providers who covet the highest quality cheese.

Ambrosi Food USA is the subsidiary of iconic Italian dairy producer Ambrosi Group, which has been producing, importing and distributing authentic Italian cheeses since 1942. From the Millennial Brooklyn Outpost, in Greenpoint, Ambrosi Food USA is working on marketing campaigns and distribution strategies to keep its unique cheeses relevant. In fact, Ambrosi Food USA is not just the importer for Ambrosi Group, rather a one-stop-solution for Italian quality and unique cheeses.

In a world where tradition is often suppressed by scalability, efficiency and 'progress', Ambrosi USA strives to challenge the status quo and to safeguard, and actually elevate, the smaller artisans, and thus the cultural and culinary Italian tradition, through cheese.

Interested in how partnering with Beach City Sales would help launch, scale, or boost your business? Whether you are an emerging or established brand, let us get your product(s) on more menus + shelves in California and beyond. Contact us to schedule an exploratory discussion - we would love to hear from you!

“Let’s talk”, send an e mail to

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